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How To Naturally Enhance Your Look

One of the latest beauty trends to emerge as of late is people seeking to enhance their natural beauty and their features. Enhancing natural features through the skilled application of neutral tones and shades of makeup and opting for minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular methods of enhancing and flaunting many peoples’ unique and wonderful beauty.

What Are Natural Beauty Enhancements?

Natural beauty enhancements are not meant to entirely change a feature or use bright dramatic colours or styles to drastically transform ones’ look. They are meant to accentuate an already existing feature and use ingredients that are designed to nourish skin by manipulating naturally - found collagen to repair fine lines, scars, or wrinkles.

What Makes for A Natural Look?

Natural looks are best achieved when your skin is nourished and healthy, and instead of hiding features behind heavy-handed cosmetics or excessive treatments, your unique beauty is accented and allowed to shine through.

Naturally Enhancing Your Look With Makeup

A natural look can be achieved with either minimal makeup or the application of more natural shades with a lightweight foundation and colour correction. Nude palettes are the way to go with this look, and are available no matter the price point.

Natural looks are also flattering for all skin tones from the palest porcelain to the deepest chocolate, meaning that no one is left out of this look. Trends in the past typically have been limited to lighter skin tones and makeup not made to be accessible to those with darker tones, meaning with this look anyone can let your unique natural beauty shine.

Know What Makeup Works Best For Your Skin

If you are looking to use makeup and skincare products to enhance your natural features, it is first important to find which makeup and cosmetic products work best for you. Knowing your skin type; whether you have oily, dry, normal, or combination skin, is important in avoiding further breakouts and damage. Finding the right cleansers and moisturizers are important foundations to the rest of your beauty routine. Once you have this down, it is time to look at your makeup bag.

If you choose to use foundation, opting for a lightweight coverage can keep the ‘cakey’ look of some full-coverage foundations at bay, and leave your skin free of blemishes with an even skin tone. You can also try BB cream or concealers to correct minor blemishes.

Using colours that compliment your eye colour can really make your eyes pop and enhance your natural eye colour and shape. For your eyeshadow, neutral browns, whites, or even green hues for some eye colours can make all the difference in really making those eyes pop. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, a little bit of mascara can go a long way in adding volume and length to your lashes and bring attention to your eyes..

Naturally Enhancing Your Look With Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

In the past, cosmetic treatments may have gotten a bit of a bad reputation for looking plastic, and unnatural. This is far from the truth these days, as the technology behind non-surgical cosmetic treatments has improved, and controlled, skilful application of treatments like fillers and Botox are used to improve and enhance your appearance, rather than transform it; all without a stereotypical “plastic” look that many associate with cosmetic enhancements.

Reducing Signs of Aging with Fillers

Botox and other facial fillers can provide a natural look without looking plastic. Botox can help reduce forehead wrinkles, smile lines, and even dark circles. Some fillers include hyaluronic acid, which is also found in skin care serums. This naturally-occurring component of the skin’s connective tissue can reduce the look of wrinkles while using all natural products. This means that these fillers will look natural, instead of that ‘plastic’ look that fillers have a bad reputation for.

Reducing The Look Of Scars with Morpheus8

If you want to find a less invasive way to reduce scars and wrinkles, Morpheus8 can be right for you. Morpheus8 uses a technique called “needling” to stimulate your skin’s production of natural collagen to repair the skin and restore your skin’s healthy natural glow and elasticity. While the process is called “needling”, Morpheus8 actually uses radio waves to achieve healthier, younger looking skin. So if needles are not what you are looking for, Morpheus8 is a much less invasive procedure that gives natural looking results, minus the needle pokes.

What To Avoid When Enhancing Your Look?

With wanting a natural look, it is possible to do too much. Sometimes it goes too far and that is okay. Some treatments are permanent, but some treatments like Botox or Hyaluronic Acid Fillers can be undone, or some can dissolve on their own simply by skipping your next visit. Now that we told you what to look for, here is what to avoid when seeking natural enhancements.

Avoid Excessive Treatments

Just like wearing too much makeup, too many treatments can build up and not only do damage to the skin, but can no longer look natural. If you are looking to achieve the natural look, make sure to let your cosmetologist know and they can recommend the best treatments, and find the balance to help you achieve your desired look. Look for treatments with naturally-occurring ingredients such as collagen, or hyaluronic acid. Natural looks come from natural ingredients, and will give your face the healthiest glow it possibly can.

Consider what is safe for your body, some people may have sensitivities, or may have conditions that can affect a person’s ability to receive cosmetic treatment. Always consider medical history when seeking cosmetic treatments.

Consider How Permanent A Treatment Is

When looking at new treatments, remember to do sufficient research and ask your cosmetologist the right questions. Not all treatments are permanent, and not all are temporary either. Finding the treatment right for your beauty goals includes your maintenance expectations as well as the desired look.

If this is your first time seeking cosmetic treatment from a Medi Spa, consider a more temporary treatment. That way, if you feel that it is not for you, it is not permanent and can be changed. Always remember to talk with your cosmetologist to discuss different treatments and its possible risks and its benefits. That way you can look your best while doing what is best for your body

Selecting The Right Cosmetic Clinic For Your Treatments

Becoming your best self can be easy. You do not need to go under the knife or consider extreme, invasive treatments to enhance your appearance. Organic and non-surgical treatments are just as effective and safe, all while skipping the long recovery time and discomfort.

A natural look requires confidence, wearing your skin with pride and loving yourself just the way you are, all while enhancing the best aspects of you that you want to show off the most.

If you want to naturally enhance your look with the help of a MediSpa, research is key. Consider permanence, invasiveness, as well as your budget. Compare different treatments with a professional to find the perfect one for you, and have them done in a clinic where you feel comfortable and safe. Remember to ask questions about the ingredients used to ensure the most natural products are used for a more natural outcome.

If you are on medication or have any medical conditions, consider those in your choices and always talk to your healthcare providers and cosmeticians to ensure your safety during and after your treatment.

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