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Cultivating Beauty from the inside out

After four plastic surgeries to correct her scar, her confidence was boosted and Irena felt beautiful and stronger, finally able to chase her dream of helping other women achieve similar results. 


“I absolutely love art and appreciate Beauty. I was ‘injected’ with a love of the medical field when I was a child when recovering from my accident. And at the same time I love being an entrepreneur, I love building my own thing,” Irena explains. 


“Even though I love art, I was never good with the brushes or pencils – but I am a great artist with the needles.”


Dea Beauty Clinic exists to empower women to feel beautiful and strong, inside and out. Born out of nurse Irena’s passion to achieve real results, our treatments blend health and beauty in safe and innovative ways.

Nurs Irena with her hand near her face looking confident


Deliver Results

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